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Swedish Houses request...
23 November 2010

Forestry Memories has received this email...

I live in a Swedish house (there are photos of some on your site) and have been trying to find out more about their history as down here English Heritage are trying to get a group of them listed that are about 10 miles from me.
Facts and info about the houses and peoples lives in them are very hard to find. So I gleaned what I could, and put an article about my wooden house onto a friend's Yorkshire web magazine (ivyvillacompany) A few weeks ago I got an emai out of the blue from someone in Ardentinny who lives in an ex Forestry house, and is also interested in their history.
Do you, or any of your contacts, know where I can get more information on their history, design, build, etc? Or if there is a wooden house owners/dwellers group of friends and supporters?
If you search on theinternet there is plenty of material for people who want to buy and build a modern Swedish House, buit nothing at all about old beauties like mine.
Any help or suggestions, leads or info would be very welcome and so much appreciated: whether in Scotland or England, or further afield. I feel that these lovely houses need to be praised and appreciated more than they are!
It seems many Forestry Houses were of the Swedish design. Anyone with interest or ideas on this topic can email Elizabeth at Keep us posted, folks.

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