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Alex Grossert
Alex Grossert, formerly of Glentress Forestry School, passed away peacefully at home on 24th February 2017.
He talked with fondness of his days there and of his subsequent jobs in Forestry after that.
His last appointment was with Lord Mountbatten on the Broadlands Estate in Romsey, Hampshire.
Aged 95, he remained active until the last year of his life, still riding his bike, tending to his garden and enjoying the wonders of the natural world.
I hope this is the best way to contact the website.

Shona Marshall (daughter)
Posted by Shona Marshall on 10 March 2017
Information on a Cat D2 FC74 and a D4 7j3261
Hi, I looking for any information on the following Caterpillar crawlers. First is a 1940 Cat D2 with hyster logging winch. serial number 5J2684 Forestry Commission Number FC74. It has a three Lightmoor Workshop inspection plates dated 1950, 1952 and 1955. I would love to know where this tractor came from and where spent most of its life. I believe it has spent most of its life in Hampshire but would love to confirm. Also any pictures would be greatly appreciated. Also a 1940 Cat D4 serial number 7J3261. This again is believed to have spent most of its life in Hampshire and was bought from the Knocker Bros in Wickham who bought it from the commission. It has some unique features which differ from most production Cat D4s. It has longer track frames, solid idlers and equilizer bar. The equilizer bar extends out of the frame similar to picture 2160 which Ive not seen anywhere before. Any information on these tractors and similar tractor would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ben
Posted by Ben Hampshire on 11 August 2016
hi does anyone in south scotland have any oldpictures of forestry tipper lorries the commision used thames trades short wheell based ones in the sixtys thanks john twiname
Posted by john twiname on 25 February 2016
Jim Connell
Hello, I came across this site quite by accident while doing some research for my Dad Jim Connell. Dad is now 91 years old and amazing for his age. Dad still enjoys making shepherd's crooks and horn brooches and painting. I have told him about this site and I recognise the names of a few of the men dad worked with. He has many tales of his forestry days, particularly Rannoch and how he stayed on the bleak moor in his caravan.
Thank you
Posted by Claire Cossar on 14 July 2014
Hello Claire,
We we very fortunate to receive some of your Dad's photographs via Duncan Menzies and through him a few details of his ploughing escapades. If someone was to write a fuller account of his forestry life I would be delighted to place it into this website. Kind Regards. Norman
Posted by Norman Davidson on 08 September 2014
Forestry in the Highlands
An excellent over view with illustrations of the many people and machines involved in the forestry industry in the Highlands. I will try and source some more images relating to the Forester(James Watson my late father) in Salen,Glen Moriston and Loch Maree, fantastic people and enthralling places. I remember(60's)as a boy sitting on the caterpillar tractors ploughing the hillsides prior to planting.
Posted by Alan Watson on 17 June 2014
Hello Alan,

Your email note was passed on to me and I was interested to hear that your father worked in Salen. I assume he was in Salen, Mull as I had not heard of him being based at Salen, Ardnamurchan (Sunart Forest) where I was based as a forester for some time.

Posted by Norman Davidson on 19 June 2014
Hi Norman
Yes he was a forester at Salen Ardnamurachan where my brother was born (stayed Camacane croft? wrong Galic spelling) left 1956 ish for Glen Moriston. There was a bit in the local P&J about him leaving by somebody called North Argyle and Wendy Wood regards Alan
Posted by alan watson on 02 October 2015
Barmore Forest Appin
Posted on 11 November 2011
Achnamara Village
Posted on 29 September 2011
1st Baron, Lord Roy Robinson of Kielder
Posted on 25 November 2010
Posted on 31 March 2010
Posted on 05 February 2010
Skye forester
Posted on 07 January 2010
Posted on 30 December 2009
Posted on 14 December 2009
Posted on 02 December 2009

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