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Following the tremendous success of the Touchwood History project launched in 2007, a full-scale Scotland-wide forestry oral history based project led by the UHI Centre for History started in April 2009.

This ambitious project – a social history of Scottish forestry in the 20th century – will culminate in late 2013, in the publication of an authoritative account and analysis of the forestry sector’s impact on Scottish rural society during the last 100 years. This book will draw on the recorded memories of people who worked in forestry – private, state and allied sectors – and whose lives were affected by it.   These interviews have been gathered by a team of experienced oral historians and are being placed in the Highland Archive Centre in Inverness. Such testimony was also reinforced by research in documentary archives and in published sources. If you have any materials you would like to contribute to the archive, please contact them via the link above, citing the 'Social History of Forestry in Twentieth Century Scotland' archive. 

The project – funded by the Forestry Commission (GB and Scotland), the Scottish Forestry Trust, the European Union, the North Highland College UHI and the University of the Highlands and Islands – is being undertaken by the UHI Centre for History team put together in connection with Touchwood History. The team’s work is being overseen by Dr David Worthington (following on from Prof Jim Hunter who retired from the Centre in late 2010) with further guidance provided by Dr. Fiona Watson, a leading woodland historian and a Centre for History research associate. Chief responsibility for the writing of the book, and day-to-day co-ordination lies with Mairi Stewart . She has been joined by Touchwood History principal oral historian, Dr Hugo Manson and newcomer to the team, Jim Miller. Previously, Jill de Fresnes, an experienced oral historian whose research has recently focused on women of the herring fisheries industry, and the late Gordon Urquhart, whom many will have known from his work on the Forestry Memories website, were involved in the project.
We must mention a much wider group of volunteers, first amongst them, Norman Davidson, or all his hard and continuing work on the image library. Thank you Norman! In order for us to continue to upload images to the site, we need further support from those witha knowledge of the industry across Scotland, however. If you would like to volunteer, please contact:


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